Where Can I Buy a Dream Home?

Where Can I Buy a Dream Home?

  • Fata Real Estate Group
  • 04/19/22

Everyone Wants to Find Their Dream Home. So How Do You Do It? We Break Down Exactly How to Find That Unicorn!

A unicorn is a mythical creature. It’s used to describe finding something incredibly rare. Such as a love interest who’s very attractive and has zero faults! (Imagine that!) No one is that perfect. Yet, we set our expectations to have a unicorn companion. How disappointed we must find ourselves. Is this the same when searching for that dream home?
A unicorn is different depending on who you ask. So if we know there aren’t unicorn people out there, why is it that we often search for a unicorn property? What makes us think that the perfect dream home, in the best location, and below budget with absolutely no faults actually exists?

Unicorns Don’t Exist

They just don’t. And the quicker you understand and accept this, the more successful you will be on your home hunt. I’ve seen buyers pass up on amazing opportunities too often while they ‘wait for the unicorn’. This is a terrible strategy. It’ll have you chasing the market, and wishing you pulled the trigger on past options.

This mindset sets you up for failure. You will always walk into a home wanting that perfect ten dream home. But inevitably you’ll find flaws. You might miss out on something special because it didn’t meet your expectations. Remember, the market doesn’t wait for anyone. While you are battling with the fact it has carpet in the bedrooms, someone else is putting in an offer. Unicorn properties don’t exist.

So How Do I Find My Dream Home?

We’re not encouraging you to settle for something you don’t love. It’s important the look, feel and energy gives you the WOW factor. When searching for your dream home here are tips and tiny compromises we swear by. They’ll get you as close to the unicorn as possible.

What You Should Really Be Searching for in a Dream Home

Ever heard someone say “I wish I could pick up this house and put it over there”. Us too. The first step to your dream home is to search for details you want but can’t change.
  • Location / Neighbourhood
  • School Zones
  • Is the street quiet or a thruway?
  • What is the lot size? Do you need a yard?
  • For condos, does it have their own balcony?
  • What are the condo’s maintenance fees?
  • Functional Space
  • Exposure. Do you prefer morning or afternoon sun in your backyard?

What You Can Overlook

I emphasize can because we encourage the following details are not overlooked or settled on. However, these are details that can be changed or solutions can be found.
  • Parking – this is a priority to have if you need it, no doubt. But for the right home, there could be alternative solutions such as street parking, or renting in a condo building.
  • Finishes – don’t like the colour of the cabinets? No biggie. Eventually, you can change that! The important part is the functionality and size of the kitchen which will give you plenty of options on a future refresh.
  • Paint – always look past the paint colour. This is an easy fix.
Find a home that checks the boxes on details you can’t change. Finding the right functional space is our best advice. It gives you the good bones to design your space. And you can turn it into the dream home you’re looking for.

Someone Else’s Renovations

The new and shiny ‘complete renovation’ is always a popular choice for buyers. But turn-key properties often have multiple buyers interested. And good ones tend to sell for a mighty dollar. Even a completely renovated home won’t be a unicorn. There is always something that won’t be to your personal taste and that you’ll want to change. Or as mentioned, you’ll want to pick it up and move it.

Buyer Fatigue

Once you accept that unicorn properties don’t exist, you’ll be well on your way. If you’re concentrated on chasing the perfect home, you will suffer a lot of house hunting heartache. Otherwise known as buyer fatigue. Know your limit and buy within it. Stay the course, look for the details in a home you can’t change as mentioned above and you’ll be better prepared when it’s time to buy.
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