NOT EVERYONE LOVES YOUR DOG; We do! but not everyone...

NOT EVERYONE LOVES YOUR DOG; We do! but not everyone...

  • 01/18/24

How do I sell my home with pets?

Follow FATA’s 5 Steps to ensure a stress-free sale for both you and your (favourite) furry family member.

De-pet-ify Your Home 

We recommend you remove all pet related items - beds, toys, bowls, litter boxes.

Repair Pet Related Damage

There's nothing like a pee-stained rug to send a buyer running out the door, or at least negotiating money off the price in order to replace it. Take care of visible damage. It’ll cost far less than whatever the buyer tries to estimate OFF your list price.

Showing Flexibility 

We recommend having your pet off premises during showings. This allows buyers to view it without distraction or worry of any pet-related issues. Buyers feel stressed when warned that the seller's cat might try to escape, for example, and it affects their tour. Other reasons include buyer fears, phobias, allergies and general discomfort around certain animals, or the size of certain animals like large dogs.

Deep Clean 

You’ll want to remove any pet odours, stains or fur before showing your home. Similarly to how a non-smoker will notice if someone's smoked inside a property right away, a buyer will pick up on pet smells they aren't used to.

Highlight Pet Friendly Features 

Noting things like a fenced yard or nearby off-leash park will go a long way for buyers who are fellow pet owners.

Success Starts At Home

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