Real Estate isn’t really about doing deals.


The best time to sell is when it is needed to meet your goals.

Our Sellers Catalogue helps prepare you for the journey of selling your home. We discuss marketing, pricing, costs, tips for great showings, offer types & more.



Great marketing matters! Getting the best price for your home requires multifarious tasks which are needed to make it attractive to the widest number of potential buyers. 

In our ever-changing world of real estate, we work diligently to keep our clients equipped for success and assured when making life changing decisions.

We don’t settle for less, and neither should you.



Great storytelling is often an underused approach when selling real estate, but one we find incredibly powerful. Storytelling dates as far back as you can read in history. It’s the way humans have interacted for generations and the way we form bonds. Prevailingly, the use of social media and online platforms are used daily to connect with others.

Buyers spend a lot of their time scrolling through images and analyzing descriptions of homes online before they commit to seeing a property. Most often, the internet is the first place a Buyer will see your home. It’s critical that the first impression demands attention!

To achieve this, we first establish our target audience. This means learning both the desires and solutions needed from the group of people your home is most likely to attract. For example, your home to a Buyer could be a sunny, larger condo with office space, or a detached house with a yard for a growing family. Whatever the best features are, we describe them intentionally to allure the widest net of the right Buyers.The purpose is to attract genuine Buyers and not curious and inactive spectators.

Lastly, we’re banging our own drum here, but Krystle of Fata Real Estate Group is a natural talent. She fiercely challenges mediocrity and lazy description. Her alluring writing style continues to captivate potential Buyers. And she always gives our listings the glisten of refreshing character that goes far beyond the basic MLS narrative.

Our storytelling approach to selling homes gives our clients the competitive advantage, and sets their home apart from others on the market. Instead of falling somewhere in the middle of the pack, your listing will be top of mind for any interested Buyer.

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We are committed to getting the job done. Gritty by nature, we’re always in pursuit of peak performance. A strong body and mind benefits us, and those who partner with us when it’s time to move. Together, we trust in the power of consistency and make our own luck.


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