Top 7 Reasons People Love Living in the Annex

Top 7 Reasons People Love Living in the Annex

  • Fata Real Estate Group
  • 12/9/22

Are you considering moving to the Annex? Have you recently relocated to Annex and wondered what you could do in this neighbourhood? Whatever side of the fence you are on, this guide can help! As a picturesque residential neighbourhood, The Annex offers a wealth of shopping, restaurants, and attractions that everyone loves. Read on to find out what residents love about living in the Annex!

1. World-class Architecture

Known by residents and tourists from all over the world for its world-class architecture, Toronto boasts many buildings with stunning and diverse structures. From the Allen Lambert Galleria with a mesmerizing arched roof to the Royal Ontario Museum with sharp angles juxtapositioned against the sky, the architecture in Toronto is breathtaking. In the Annex, you can find single-family homes and buildings built in Edwardian and Victorian architectural styles with contemporary updates. The stately Annex homes on wide tree-lined streets are genuinely one-of-a-kind. In other words, if you take a walk down any Annex street, you’ll enjoy browsing its grand, old mansions under canopies of large, leafy trees. The Annex is a popular and central neighbourhood in Toronto and has been the home to the likes of Canadian actress Rachel McAdams and author Magaret Atwood. 

2. Walk The Walk

With a walk score of ninety-two, it is easy to get around this bustling neighbourhood on foot. The Annex is very walkable! From your Annex home, you can traverse to the University of Toronto campus and then head to the numerous upscale shops and high-class eateries in the micro neighbourhood known as Yorkville  – all within a few minutes!

3. Getting Around Town

For visiting neighbourhoods and cities outside the Annex, there is an excellent transportation system available. No matter where you are in the Annex or in the Greater Toronto Area for that matter, you have access to the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), which consists of an extensive network of subways, buses, and streetcars. Bicycling and driving are also transportation options, with appropriate bicycling lanes and road signs to guide riders and drivers on the roads in the Annex and throughout the city. 

4. Top-rated schools

The Annex has a number of high-quality public and private schools. From Montessori to language schools, there is a school that is right for your child. With many options, you can be assured that your child will receive a world-class education and individualised instruction at any one of the top-rated public and private schools in the Annex. Furthermore, the nearby University of Toronto is ranked as one of the top twenty universities in the world for academic excellence and innovation. On the footsteps of Toronto’s downtown core, the historic buildings on campus are a sight to be seen.

5. Luxury Shopping on the “Mink Mile”

Living in the Annex offers two types of lifestyles. One is spent in the luxurious micro-neighbourhood known as Yorkville. The Mink Mile, its shopping district, has been compared to Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles and Fifth Avenue in New York City. A sure-fire date location, Yorkville is known for its swanky atmosphere, cool cocktails, and atmospheric dinner spots.

There are plenty of upscale shopping spots when living in the Annex. On Bloor Street and within the boundaries of Yorkville Village, you’ll find all the designer stores your heart desires.  You’ll find anything from Chanel and Louis Vuitton to Harry Rosen, Stone Island, Gucci, and Christian Louboutin. We’d also recommend checking out Webster on Scollard. You’ll also find shops like Indigo, Alo, and Aritzia for your everyday go-to items.

Further down Bloor Street is the upscale Yorkville Village Shopping Mall, which is your go-to destination for premier and prestigious Canadian brands. After indulging in some much-needed retail therapy, consider eating at one of many fabulous restaurants nearby such as Trattoria Nervosa, or shopping at the Eataly markets for fresh produce.  Furthermore, you can visit this fabulous shopping mall again and again for the constantly changing pop-up exhibitions and shops. 

6. Award-winning Restaurants

Photo courtesy of Opus Restaurant

After visiting Yorkville Village Shopping Mall, you will be steps away from many of the finest restaurants in and around the Annex. For example, the leader of the dining scene, Opus Restaurant, is one of the most prestigious in the area. As a 2022 Wine Spectator award winner for its 52K bottles of wine, Opus Restaurant serves sophisticated and high-quality European cuisine with a Canadian twist. Whether on a romantic date night or a night out with friends, indulge in one of the exquisite specialties on the menu and pair it with a wine from the extensive collection.

If you are craving some delectable Italian, then consider Blu Ristorante. As 2021’s Top 100 Restaurant in Canada, Blu Ristorante is committed to providing top-notch service that exceeds expectations from the service to the quality of food. Two master chefs and their extraordinary teams prepare the food to create authentic and classic pasta dishes. If you head to the Blu Ristorante on Sunday evenings, you can enjoy the freshly crafted and delectable cuisine while being swayed by the gentle piano music.


But if we’re going to talk about the “best of the rest” in the Annex, a few of our favourites can be found in Yorkville. We’d recommend hot spots like Josos, which has been serving Yorkville since 1967, and Sotto Sotto on Avenue Road, where there is always a glamourous parade of luxury cars to be found. Both have been frequented by A-List celebrities and serve top-notch dishes paired with brilliant service). A newcomer in the area, Osteria Giulia is a Michelin Star winner serving Italian and Seafood. But if you’re in the mood for small plates, we’d suggest grabbing a stool at the authentic European spot David Rocco Bar Aperitivo.

7. Exciting Cultural Attractions

From going on a walking tour of the prestigious University of Toronto to visiting museums and art galleries, there are plenty of things to do to keep your feet and mind busy. For example, the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art showcases an extensive collection of pottery and other artefacts from many corners of the world. From 17th-century English pottery to 18th-century Chinese porcelains, this museum allows you to transport back to historical times to see the various objects that were part of everyday life.

If you enjoy listening to or watching musical or dramatic performances, then consider the Royal Conservatory of Music. Named a historical site in 1995, the Royal Conservatory of Music offers more than 70 world-class performances, concerts, and operas. If you are interested in an evening out to enjoy soothing music or captivating performances, head to the Royal Conservatory of Music. Consider also the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema, where you can catch thought-provoking films and documentaries about currently trending world and national events. Whether you are a college student wanting to do research or a young professional looking for something interesting to watch, the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema might be just what you need.

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