How to Sell Your Home With Pets

How to Sell Your Home With Pets

  • Fata Real Estate Group
  • 04/19/22

Here’s a List of Mistakes That Could Land You in the Doghouse!

  • Follow our 4 tips for the successful sale of your home while caring for your pets.
I’ll be first to say, both hands high in the air, that I love animals, especially dogs. Our home is their home. We promise ourselves we won’t let them on the furniture. But they always find their way to snuggle up with you on that leather couch.
  • Here are some things to consider when it’s time to sell your home with pets.

Pass the Tissue Prospective Buyers Could Be Allergic to Your Pet

I know a woman who is allergic to cats. She can walk into a home with a cat and wouldn’t need to see it to know that it lives there. Her eyes bulge, her throat tightens and her nose begins to run. If your pet causes an allergic reaction or a sneezing fit, it’s likely that they’ll be headed for the door before viewing the rest of your house.
  • Tip: Your home should be professionally cleaned prior to showing it to potential buyers.

Beethoven! Your Pets (Dogs in Particular) Can Be Pretty Smelly

Remember when Beethoven rolled around in the clean, white bedsheets after being in the mud? My dog personally enjoys showcasing what he can find in the bathroom garbage. There’s no knowing what your dog will get up to before the showing starts after you’ve left. You don’t want your dog parading the underwear they found in the laundry basket, around the house during a showing.
Treats and kibble don’t exactly smell like cinnamon or sandalwood either. Things like bedding & nesting for caged pets like gerbils could also have people plugging their nose and calling it off. It’s not to say your house isn’t clean! But some smells that you’ve become desensitized to, could be a hindrance and why your home doesn’t receive an offer. Basically, prospective buyers might not be able to ‘see past the smell.’
  • Tip: Remove all pet toys, bowls, and beds before putting your home up for sale.

Fears & Phobias Even the Tiniest Pets Are Guard Dogs

In fact, from experience, I find that the smallest dogs puff out their chest to make sure they’re the loudest when the doorbell rings. If you’ve got a well-behaved pal with a big voice, they might scare away the buyers from coming in at all. You know Mr. Fluffy is a sweetheart who just sounds tough, but someone else might fear the protective barking on the other side of the door.
Even if buyers don’t mind dogs or cats, most people wouldn’t be comfortable seeing eight hairy legs, or the coils of a slithery pet. Spiders and snakes in your home are like sharks in the ocean. People are scared of them! Best not to have them on display if you can avoid it.
  • Tip: The slippery and hairy pets can be some of the scariest. Make sure they can’t be seen.

You Love Your Pet Above We Mentioned That Your Home Is Also Your Pet’s Home

It's their territory and they see it that way too. Strangers popping in and out throughout the day can be stressful. Finding a safe and temporary home for your pet during showings will ensure a better experience for both buyers and pets, benefitting all parties with a more efficient sale.
  • Tip: A temporary home is the best kind of home when buyers are coming through your home while up for sale.
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