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How Do I Win in Real Estate?

  • Fata Real Estate Group
  • 04/19/22

Has It Been a While Since You Purchased Real Estate? The Market Has Changed

So how do you win in Real Estate? Coming from the perspective of two self-proclaimed athletes who love sports, winning is everything! But in Real Estate the word ‘winning’ is ambiguous and doesn’t exactly mean what you might think.
Below is a professional opinion on how you can come out on top while ensuring your experience of buying or selling is an enjoyable and seamless one.

Beat the Competition

Every time I hear someone say this my mind instantly wanders to a bearded muscly guy in bright purple underwear jumping off the ropes and body-slamming a second guy under big floodlights and a cheering crowd.
Despite popular belief, ‘winning in real estate doesn’t mean sticking it to the other side or pumping a fist full of cash in the air just to ‘beat the competition.’ Purchasing a home can be an emotional experience, especially for first or second-time home buyers. It’s important to keep a level head and not go beyond your limit just to ‘win the house’.
With all clients heading into a multiple offer situation we always recommend discussing the most amount of money they are willing to pay before we write up their offer. Using a custom market analysis provided, our clients have an in-depth understanding of what the expectation is, but more importantly what the market value is.

It’s Emotional

Sometimes there is an opportunity to improve your offer during negotiations. If you decide to offer your top dollar (as discussed prior to the start of negotiations) but lose the house by five grand, you can walk away feeling you did not overspend, having stayed true to your decision before emotions got involved. (And they definitely do for buyers in the heat of negotiations). Of course, a seasoned Realtor will navigate the choppy waters for you and help you make your decisions.
  • Winning in Real Estate means a successful purchase or sale where all parties sign off happy and confident, and no one feels slighted or taken advantage of.

The Winning Formula

We’re all about good energy during a negotiation. From our experience, anytime something hasn’t felt right, it’s never worked out. Aside from Real Estate, we think this stands true for almost anything in life. Our gut feeling is smarter than we think!
Whether representing our clients on the buy or list side, our foundation remains the same.
  • Show up with (w)integrity
  • Be (w)innovative with our marketing strategy.
  • Negotiate boldly and using natural (w)instinct
See what we did there

We Actually Break the Buying and Selling Process (Step by Step) in Our Free Catalogues

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Selling your home, and buying a new one (or your first one) has a direct impact on your future. Our formula is one we stand by that always benefits our clients while keeping the other side happy too. (This is really important since we have to continue to work with the sellers/buyers until the deal is closed).
Winning in Real Estate shouldn’t be thought of like a wrestling match. Each negotiation requires sensitivity and respect. We believe in equal parts give and take to lead to a successful sale.
Trust is what we value above all else. It’s integral to any relationship, and without it you won’t win. Be selective about who you work with and remember Real Estate done right is Real Estate that feels right.
Make sure you hire the right representative. Here are 6 questions you didn’t think to ask (but you should!) before you hire a Realtor to buy/sell your home.


We are committed to getting the job done. Gritty by nature, we’re always in pursuit of peak performance. A strong body and mind benefits us, and those who partner with us when it’s time to move. Together, we trust in the power of consistency and make our own luck.


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